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Personal on-site color guidance for your project

Select the type of consultation you need.

Transforming your vision into beautiful reality, especially if your search history looks like: “Best white paint color for a kitchen” “Pale Oak Color Review” or “Color Schemes for red brick houses”.

We ensure you have a color scheme that meets your current needs that is timeless so you don’t need to go through this process again in five years to keep up with trends.

Our expert approach considers all the viable factors and allows you to move out of decision fatigue with a color palette you love.

Areas We Serve

On-Site color consults are typically offered during optimal lighting hours (9 am - 3 pm). We serve the SW Denver Metro Area. Trip charge for outside area TBD.

On-site color consults in Houston Tx.
  • How do we do this virtually?
    We have completed thousands of color consultations. Years of experience give us insight into how colors behave in different types of rooms and lighting. Your cell phone photos are used for our consultation. Digital photos from cell phones are more accurate than the human eye. When you send us photos with natural lighting we can see the undertones of your home colors just as well as if we were there. Most importantly, after your consultation, we FedEx you BONUS large color card samples from Sherwin or Benjamin Moore so you can see the colors outside your home and in person. (Quick Color packages excluded) For Quick Color packages, Color samples can be purchased online or at stores selling Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore
  • Guarantee & Refund Policy
    Within 30 days and before you submit your questionnaire and photos, we will provide a refund less a 5% administration fee. After 30 days OR once the consultation is complete we cannot provide a refund. We want to make you happy. If you have any objections or concerns about our recommendations, please share them with photos of your color tests so we can have the opportunity to adjust your selections. We offer several options as part of our color consultation and recommend that you test your paint colors as a standard industry practice.
  • Current Lead Time
    Lead time for your Color Report is currently five (5) business days after we receive your completed questionnaire and photos.
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