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Virtual Quick Color

For those who need their paint color in a hurry! Offering 2-day turnaround through our online service. Up to 3 colors and 2 options. You will get color/areas emailed to you within 24 hrs. after consultation. 

Are you ready to end color confusion, spending countless hours and dollars on samples only to be even more bewildered?

The correct paint color is by far the most important feature of a well-defined and executed design project. It is essentially the canvas. ColorWize Design, located in SW Denver metro is well-versed in the art of choosing the perfect paint color for your home. Your custom color consultation will take into account everything that is unique about you and your space.

Details make a difference 

  • Effects of sunlight throughout the day

  • Your lighting

  • Creating flow and balance from room to room

  • How color affects mood

  • Capitalizing on the influence of other structures in the room

  • Color balancing walls and trim, as a background to bring out your overall theme and style.

  • Using accent color to accentuate/contrast architectural features such as vaulted ceilings, angled walls,  crown moldings, baseboards, doors and window trim.

Accent Color Specialist in Houston Tx.

About us

At Colorwize we know that the most perfectly executed paint job will not be appreciated if it's done in the wrong color.

We also realize that most projects get delayed due to color indecision.


After studying interior design Lisa was recognized for having an innate talent for understanding color. She expanded her knowledge with training in color/light theory, color psychology and is also a professional painter of fine art and decorative painting.

Additionally, she has worked as a design representative within industries such as flooring, tile, counters, windows, wallpaper and paint.

Kitchen Color Consultant in Houston Tx
interior and exterior
Lisa Doucet - Custom Color Consultant


It's easy to get an appointment. contact Lisa and she will get back to you within the day


Whether you’re painting your house because you want a color that’s more suited to your taste, getting ready to sell, or simply feel ready for a change, we have a package for you.


You will receive, via email, a professional color report, giving you the specific information needed to confidently complete your project.


“I’m the owner of a professional paint company and started referring my customers to Lisa for color consults in 2015. She always does a great job and I can depend on her getting my customers to feel good about their project.”

Jacob Johnson Painting - Littleton CO

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